Dr. Thornton is the creator and Director of Women's Health Seminars. He is available to teach seminars for any interested group on a great variety of subjects. Here are just a few of the topics he has covered in past seminars:


                How to choose your doctor.

                How to get the most from your doctor.


                How to spice up your sex life in menopause.

                Hormone replacement –Is it right for me?

                Incontinence – The biggest female problem that nobody talks about

                Osteoporosis – Your bones are falling apart, and you don’t even know it

                Menopause and Beyond  - Includes all of the above and more

Sexual function:

                How to achieve a satisfying sex life.

Family planning:

                Having the right size family at the right time

                Choosing your contraception wisely

                Why can’t I get pregnant? The reasons for infertility


                Endometriosis, the great masquerader.

Pelvic infections:

                Safe sex – What does it really mean?

                How to get rid of those darn yeast infections?


                Screening for cancer,does it really make sense?

                The fight against cancer – Where do we stand?


                PMS, separating fact from fiction.

                PMS, what treatments really work?


                Hysterectomy, when is it really necessary?

If you are interested in having Dr. Thornton provide a seminar for your group, call 215-947-5688 (his office) and leave your contact information.