Women's health issues can be sensitive, even embarrassing. Humor has a way of disarming those awkward moments. Enjoy the comedy of Dr. R. Scott Thornton at his YouTube channel Ask The Gynecologist,   Along with valuable videos addressing a variety of women's health concerns, Dr. Thornton also has a comedy playlist including an animated rap song on hormone replacement therapy.

Also enjoy Dr. Thornton's alter ego Dr. Spec Ulum as he pokes fun at the world of gynecology on his CD Gynecology Unplugged. A sampling of songs from the CD are provided below. The complete CD and individual tracks can be downloaded at CDBaby.com or iTunes (search Gynecology Unplugged).

The Gynecologist (monologue only)


Menopause Comes Calling


The Pelvic Exam Blues

Bathrooms Across America